Zion National Park

It's hard not to be inspired when you get to work here.

Our Story

Hi. We’re Scott and Heidi, two friends (now hitched), with a deep passion for coffee and outdoor adventure. We like a good challenge so in 2012 we opened a coffee shop in a town already littered with coffee options. Deep Creek Coffee was established here in the beautiful town of Springdale, Utah, gateway to the incomparable Zion National Park. We stay pretty busy. Last year, Springdale saw over 4 million visitors.

We started off slowly, with a simple coffee, espresso and tea menu. We featured Cassie’s famous baked goods and a good healthy dose of friendly banter. Soon there was a chorus of requests for breakfast from the locals. So we took a deep breath, and introduced our first in-house creation: the BRO-rito. And people ate it up! So we added some more breakfast items and soon we had a full-fledged breakfast menu, always with a focus on real ingredients.

Today, in addition to breakfast, we offer smoothies and lunch sandwiches. We’ll happily pack you and the family lunches for your adventure into the park. We tweak our menu with the seasons featuring local ingredients whenever possible. We strive to remain true to our community-based roots while meeting the needs of a diverse range of domestic and international customers.

Today we’re grateful to feature quality organic coffee in a state not historically oriented towards a good cup of joe. We love working with local, small-batch roasters to promote the growth of a growing industry we savor here in Utah.

Yes, Scott, we see you standing on your tippy toes.